LatinTutor.net’s Lily Jane Hart has been working professionally as a language tutor for more than five years. She graduated cum laude with a BA in Classical Languages and Literatures from Smith College in 2005. While at Smith she worked with other college students as a peer tutor in Latin, successfully coaching and helping them succeed while maintaining her own Latin studies.

You can see Lily’s CV here.

Lily spent two years in Europe, one of them as Fulbright fellow in teaching. While she was there she worked both in the classroom and one-on-one with students to improve their English.

Since returning to the US in 2007, Lily has worked almost constantly as a Latin tutor. She began tutoring on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where she was able to dramatically improve the Latin grades and confidence of local high school students. Upon moving to an ecologically sustainable community in the Midwest, she moved her practice to on-line tutoring, which gives her the opportunity to work with Latin students all over the country.

Lily’s tutoring is characterized by a student-centered approach that focuses on each individual’s best learning style. This method of teaching is both results and enjoyment-oriented, since improving student’s comfort with Latin and enjoyment of their time studying it invariably leads to better performance and higher grades. Lily believes that working one-on-one with her students gives her the most direct and efficient route to help them feel comfortable with the Latin language and ultimately excel at it.

In addition to prioritizing student needs and student experience in her teaching, Lily holds strong values about her effect on others. She lives at an eco-village in Missouri, eats primarily locally-sourced vegetarian foods and tries to maintain a small carbon footprint. For Lily, time not reading Latin is often spent engaged in the development of her community and the furthering of sustainable living practices.

Lily is delighted to support both parents and students who use traditional schooling practices and those who choose to homeschool. She is devoted to providing the best Latin tutoring available at fair and affordable rates, and will happily work to address both students’ needs and parents’ wishes and concerns around studying Latin.