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What are your goals in learning Latin? Would you like your online Latin tutor to help you develop the ability to read ancient literature and gain understanding of the building blocks of western culture? Are you seeking Latin tutoring to help deepen your faith with liturgical understanding? Maybe you’re looking for an online Latin tutor so you can demonstrate to potential high schools or colleges your willingness to work hard and achieve good understanding of a foreign language? Would you like to work with a tutor to improve your enjoyment in studying and reading Latin? Maybe you’d like the support of an online Latin tutor to get through your current Latin class unscathed!

Whatever your goals are, online Latin tutoring can help.
Lessons from are tailor-made to fit your goals and your schedule. Don’t spend hours and dollars on books and online programs that won’t put you – the student – at the center of the experience! Send us an email to schedule your free first hour of tutoring!

Regular weekly sessions with an online Latin tutor will ease your frustrations and improve your understanding. We tutor Latin both to traditionally-schooled and homeschool students. Group classes are available for multiple students who are at the same level and would like to work on the same skills or texts as each other. Email us for more information about how Latin tutoring can benefit you!

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